What is WordPress 5.9 update

  • The update to WordPress 5.9 was launched on 25 January 2022.
  • A lot of changes have been made to WordPress in this 5.9 update.


WordPress 5.9 January New Update Features

  • In this update, the code capacity in the blog editor has been reduced and made user-friendly.
  • WordPress editing has been made it easy to edit WordPress themes without using any code. (Only for themes that have been updated to WordPress 5.9).
  • 10 New Blocks Sections for Site Editing
  • These blocks have also been added in all these like post comments, next post, previous post, etc.
  • This 5.9 update adds new opportunities such as saving theme changes and new templates globally across the entire site.
  • A new theme has been introduced called “Twenty Twenty-Two” which is the default in the new WordPress update.
  • Editing offers new ways to customize and configure.
  • Some changes have also been made from the developer side like theme.json.
  • Now in the new 5.9 updates of WordPress, WordPress supports child themes, in which the user can create themes in the admin without coding, it has been made easier.


Why should I use WordPress and what are its benefits?

If you are not a cms user, then you can use the new WordPress, in the WordPress 5.9 update, WordPress has been made user friendly for everyone, you can use it easily, in this you will not need to code much and you can create a new website You can design that too without coding. You can also design a new website using a theme.

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