Top 5 Free Twitter Plugins for WordPress 2022 | Twitter is a social networking site where people share what they have in their minds. Messages are shared in the form of tweets with a 140 character limit. Users’ tweets are visible to the users who are following that particular person but at the same time, every tweet is visible to all users on Twitter. Currently, Twitter has more than 100 million users worldwide.

Top 5 Twitter Plugins for WordPress 2022

  • WordPress to Twitter
  • Strictly Tweetbot
  • WP Tweet Button
  • PB-Tweet
  • Tweet Old Post

So Twitter can be used as social bookmarking for blogs. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Twitter plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:


WordPress to Twitter

This is the best plugin that gives the ability to post your post and other status updates to Twitter. As an option defined in the below picture you can easily make tweets to your account manually or automatically.

Top 5 Twitter plugins in wordpress

Strictly Tweetbot

Strictky Tweetbot has some features which include:

  1. Post to multiple accounts OR post multiple messages to the same account
  2. Easy to authenticate using the new OAuth method. No need to register your plugin as a consumer application
  3. Use your categories or post tags as the source for your hashtags
  4. Dashboard report keeps you informed of status updates or failures

WP Tweet Button

This plugin easily and fully implements Twitter’s official Tweet Button on your WordPress blog or site.


This plugin allows you to easily display your latest twe message in an easily customizable banner at the top of your website.

Tweet Old Post

This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by tweeting about them and driving more traffic to them from Twitter. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set the time and no of tweets to post to drive more traffic.


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