Social bookmarking is going to change the world at the current point of time. So if you want to make your blog connect to other people’s interests then you should put social bookmarking to your blog. There is a various plugin available for you on the WordPress plugin repository. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 social bookmarking plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 social bookmarking plugins for wordpress

  1. Sociable Plugin
  2. Sharethis Plugin
  3. SexyBookmarks Plugin
  4. I Love Social Bookmarking Plugin
  5. Digg Digg Plugin

1. Sociable Plugin for WordPress:

The sociable plugin is my first choice in all social bookmarking plugins. This plugin has the latest version which is compatible with WordPress 5.9 This plugin allows adding your website to 100 and more websites. Some nice feature includes. WordPress 5.9 New Update

  • Add your own services
  • Icons are automatically added to posts, pages or RSS feeds
  • Template tag and shortcode are provided for precise control

2. Sharethis Plugin for WordPress:

Sharethis has WordPress plugin by which you can directly add the blog to your many websites using this easy-to-install plugin. It’s a really small, simple, efficient plugin which doesn’t use JavaScript or flash. If you Want WordPress Related help then connect our team


3. SexyBookmarks Plugin for WordPress:

Sexybookmark plugin name looks very anxious to some people but this plugin proves it very useful for many people with time. This plugin has some latest updates like Google buzz integration.

4. I Love Social Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress:

I love the social bookmarking plugin for WordPress is easy to use and easy to install the plugin by which you can easily add your blog post to various social bookmarking sites. It is better than others because it runs in minimal system resources, and to looks good whilst she’s at it.

5. Digg Digg Plugin for WordPress:

Digg digg is another easy interface plugin for WordPress plugin where social bookmarking button resides on blog or website as left float, right float and button position can also be fixed by display in Home page, display in Static page, and display in Post Page.


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