Top Paypal plugins for WordPress | PayPal is the pioneer in the payment market. It is the highly secure online payment system. It has now over 220 million accounts across the world. Sale and purchase are revolutionized only because of PayPal. There are thousands of online shopping websites like eBay and TradeMe which are running just because of PayPal.

In the same row, there are so many plugins available to WordPress users which can be integrated into their blog without any problem. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress

  • Donate Plugin
  • JW PayPal Shortcodes plugin
  • Are PayPal Plugin
  • Download per PayPal plugin
  • Multi-Currency PayPal Donations Plugin


1. Donate Plugin :

Donate is the first plugin which comes into my mind when I think about the WordPress plugin for PayPal. This plugin gives the ability to get paid bonuses from your users in a very simple way. Just activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel and insert donate widget in your blog sidebar. It has a very easy interface for options. So if you want to get bonuses or donations from your visitors this plugin is best.

2. JW PayPal Shortcodes plugin

JW PayPal is another PayPal plugin for WordPress users. This plugin provides the ability to add PayPal Website Payments Standard into your blog using shortcodes. If you want to sell the single item through your blog then this plugin can help you to do that. You can easily add Add to Cart option to your blog.

3. Are PayPal Plugin

Are PayPal is used to monetize your WordPress blog by defining various content as hidden if users are not registered for that particular part. This plugin has the following cool features:

  1. Post/Page can be set to contain hidden content.
  2. The administrator can grant users to access paid content
  3. Price for all blogs. The administrator can set prices for all payed posts so what user who pays can view all the hidden content
  4. The plugin uses PayPal IPN – Instant Payment Notification protocol so the payment/content delivery process is fully automated.
4. Download per PayPal plugin

Download per PayPal is another best plugin from the WordPress repository. It is a small e-commerce application which runs under the WordPress blog. You can download a file via the link, got per Mail after you have paid for at PayPal. Currently, it supports only English and German but Other languages may follow soon.

5. Multi-Currency PayPal Donations Plugin

Multi currency PayPal donation plugin is another way to get donations from your blog users in different currency formats. If you have an account which accepts donation in various currency formats then this plugin is very useful to you.


That’s all for today I think now you have Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress. We will be back with more Top 5 WordPress plugins tomorrow.

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