Top & Best 5 WordPress security plugin | Security being the need of the time, it is essential to protect your blogs and websites which you can easily do by installing security plugins.

A security plugin should be one that provides security against its own misuse, login protection and features to lock your WordPress site from visitors. But, with so many plugins available, it can get very confusing for the visitors to select which plugin to use. To help you out with this difficulty, below is a list of few best plugins for WordPress security-


wp login security

WP Login Security 2- This is a personal favorite of all the users. If an unknown visitor tries to access your website or blog, then this plugin will send a verification email to the registered email id. Only if the user validates the IP address by clicking on the link sent to the website, will he be allowed to login. This feature makes it the most effective plugin.



login security solutions

Login Security Solutions– Mother of all the plugins, it enforces password strength, giving options like password aging and password resets for all the users. Idle sessions will be logged out automatically. Another best feature of this plugin is that instead of blocking the IP address it will gradually slow down the response times.


wordpress firewall plugin

WordPress Firewall 2– It inspects all incoming traffic to spot if anybody sends you nasty requests or tries to insert data into your database.

WordPress security plugins

Semisecure Login reimagined– When you access your WordPress administration Panel, you would desire to send your login information over SSL. However, obtaining SSL certificate involves a cost and if you are on a shared server you will also need a dedicated IP address. It will thus automatically encrypt your login details making it difficult to pilfer your credentials.

Install these safety WordPress plugins and enjoy your website/ blog carefree.

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