Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress Free 2022 | Facebook is a social networking site that has around 955 million users. So if you want to make your blog connect to Facebook there are various plugins available for you on the WordPress plugin repository.

So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress 2022

  • Facebook Like Button Plugin
  • Facebook Comment Control
  • Facebook Photo Fetcher Plugin
  • Post To Facebook Plugin
  • All in one FaceBook Plugins


1. FaceBook Like Button Plugin for WordPress:

This is the best plugin to get your post or page listed on Facebook. With a simple look and feel it is the best Facebook plugin. Users who are coming to your website can easily like your post and submit it as a link in their profile.
it also shows no. of users who are liking your post. You can see the demo just below the title of this post.

2. Facebook Comment Control:

Facebook comment control is used to replace the default comment block of your blog. It is a better way to show Facebook as commenting option on your blog. You can show recent five comments in your sidebar using this plugin.
Facebook icon

  • Other features include:
  • List all comments on your blog on your dashboard
  • Delete comments
  • See where the comments were posted
  • See who posted the comments
  • Display the overview for specific roles only
  • Write a message to the commentator
  • Add a sidebar widget with the last 5 comments

3. Facebook Photo Fetcher Plugin:

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily generate WordPress photo galleries from any Facebook album you can access. This plugin has some cool features like auto-lightbox functionality. Search functionality on the basis of the album and many more. So if you want to add album galleries in your blog this plugin will make your blog nice and beautiful.

4. Post To Facebook Plugin :

This plugin provides the ability to quickly post a blog item to your Facebook mini-feed. This is done by adding a button to the add/edit forms for posts and pages.

5. All in one FaceBook Plugins for WordPress :

All in one is complete suit for all above plugins including like button, Recommendations, Activity Feed, Like Box, Facepile, Live Stream, Comments and log in with Facebook.

Install these safety WordPress plugins and enjoy your website/ blog carefree.

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