In this tutorial we will learn How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory. I know you are thinking my wordpress admin directory is already protected because I always enter my credentials to get in to my dashboard (wp-admin). Some times back when we were working with our client we found some suspicious activity on his site and we recommend that he should add additional security to his blog using there hosting provider hostgator.


You can also notice that same practice followed by popular site so in this article we will tell you How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory.

1.  Login to your cpanel account. (We are covering here only cpanel hosting provider like hostgator. screenshot may differ as per the hosting)

2. Scroll down to the security tab and Click on the “Password Protect Directories” icon as shown in below screenshot.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory

3. Select your Domain name as shown in screenshot.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory


4. Click on wp-admin protect wp-admin directory as shown in below screenshot. Don’t select wp-content or wp-includes directory, they may crash your wordrpess installation if you apply this protection method.


5. You need to enter username and generate a password as shown in below screenshot. you need to select check box in upper section of this screen.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory


6. That’s it. Next time when you will try to access your wp-admin directory it will ask you for username and password as shown in below screenshot.


we hope that now you have learned How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory.