403 forbidden Error Fix Symptoms:

You cannot seem to login after using the right username and password, into your admin account.


This problem occur because you have modified some values in different table into the database.

How To Fix 403 forbidden Error Solution:

First Rename these field with table prefix name in different tables. for example if you had table prefix name with wp_ and you have renamed the table prefix to blog_ then please also change these option into database.

  1. Table name (wp_options/blog_options )
  2. option_name
  3. wp_user_roles/blog_user_roles (find it on id=98)
  4. Table name(wp_usermeta/blog_usermeta)
  5. column name(meta_key)
  6. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  7. wp_user_level/blog_user_level
  8. wp_usersettings/blog_usersettings
  9. wp_usersettingstime/blog_usersettingstime
  10. wp_autosave_draft_ids/blog_autosave_draft_ids
  11. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  12. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  13. wp_metaboxorder_post/blog_metaboxorder_post

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