How to Install Google Analytics in wordpress

How to Install Google Analytics in wordpress? Google Analytics is a Google product which shows your website or blog statistics in nice manner. It shows how your visitors use your site, How they enter into your website, what keyword they use, how they exit from your blog, and how you can retain them for a longer time. so it is very essential for your blog to install analytics in your WordPress blog. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install analytics in WordPress.

You can follow below step by step process below to install analytics in WordPress.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress Step By Step

How To sign Up with google analytics

Step 1: Signup for Google analytics

You need to create a google analytics account before adding that to your blog. If you have a Gmail account then you can directly sign in but if you don’t have any account with Google you can follow the above link to signup.


Signin google analytics




When you sign-in with your Gmail account, you will see a screen like this below. From here you have to sign-up the account of Google Analytics. After this you have to click on start measuring

2nd step google analytics


  • After this you have to write the name of the business.
  • All checkboxes have to be clicked in Account Data Sharing.
  • After that you have to setup the property.

account setup ga

Property setup


Step 4: 

  • After that click admin
  • then click Tracking info

Step 5: Copy Google analytics code

After successful creation of account. Google Analytics will present you a screen shown in the below screenshot.

Google analytics Tracking code

Copy the Google tracking code highlighted in above screenshot.

3. Install Google analytics Plugin

we are now done with the configuration section so we now log in to our blog dashboard and install the Google Analytics plugin from the Plugins section. I assume that you already know how to install plugins in WordPress if you don’t know you can follow my how to install the plugin in WordPress tutorial.

5. Add Analytics code to the Plugin settings page

You need to know to add your google analytics code create in step 3 to plugin settings page as shown in the below screenshot.



Click on Save changes to save everything.

Congratulations! Now you can track easily your visitors information under your Google Analytics account. I hope that now you know how to install Analytics in WordPress.

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Tumblr Data Import in WordPress

How to Import data in wp? Importing Data in WordPress blog is sometimes require when you have some other blog such as Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and you want to import your post and pages from there to your new or old WordPress Blog. It is not feasible to write everything from the beginning because time is precious.

WordPress Provides a simple import functionality which can be used to import data in WordPress from various blog resources. In this tutorial you will learn import data in WordPress.

How to Import Data from WordPress to WordPress

  • If you are running import data the first time then WordPress will ask you to install the WordPress Importer plugin
  • Export your existing WordPress Blog and download the XML file
  • Click Upload file and Import




Select the user name for which these new posts will be added.

Import Tumblr Data in WordPress

if you want to import Tumblr Data in WordPress then you need to create the app by visiting url which will show you below screen fill the required details such as Application website and Call back with your website name



Write your OAuth Consumer Key and secret key


Enter your Outh key and secret key on below screen after clicking Tools->Import



Click on Authorize the application button which will authorize your blog with Tumblr



You need to authorize your app and click finish to start the import



Importing Data From Blogger to WordPress

  • If you want to import data from blogger to Wp then you need to first install blogger installer plugin from Using this blogger importer plugin you can import categories, posts, draft posts, comments, and pages.
  • After installing the blogger installer plugin you need to authorize you blog with Google services as shown below



It will show you all your blogs with import links as shown in below screenshot which will allow you to import your blogger post, comment, etc.



All Blogger Data will be imported to your WordPress blog successfully.


That is all about Import Data in WordPress. I hope that you now understand how you can benefit from importing data in WordPress functionality if you are planning to increase the number of posts in your WordPress Blog without writing new one. You can read detail import options from WordPress Documentation Importing Content.

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