How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory

In this tutorial we will learn How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory. I know you are thinking my wordpress admin directory is already protected because I always enter my credentials to get in to my dashboard (wp-admin). Some times back when we were working with our client we found some suspicious activity on his site and we recommend that he should add additional security to his blog using there hosting provider hostgator.


You can also notice that same practice followed by popular site so in this article we will tell you How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory.

1.  Login to your cpanel account. (We are covering here only cpanel hosting provider like hostgator. screenshot may differ as per the hosting)

2. Scroll down to the security tab and Click on the “Password Protect Directories” icon as shown in below screenshot.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory

3. Select your Domain name as shown in screenshot.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory


4. Click on wp-admin protect wp-admin directory as shown in below screenshot. Don’t select wp-content or wp-includes directory, they may crash your wordrpess installation if you apply this protection method.


5. You need to enter username and generate a password as shown in below screenshot. you need to select check box in upper section of this screen.

Password Protect wp-admin Directory


6. That’s it. Next time when you will try to access your wp-admin directory it will ask you for username and password as shown in below screenshot.


we hope that now you have learned How to Password Protect wp-admin Directory.

How to Install Google Analytics in wordpress

How to Install Google Analytics in wordpress? Google Analytics is a Google product which shows your website or blog statistics in nice manner. It shows how your visitors use your site, How they enter into your website, what keyword they use, how they exit from your blog, and how you can retain them for a longer time. so it is very essential for your blog to install analytics in your WordPress blog. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install analytics in WordPress.

You can follow below step by step process below to install analytics in WordPress.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress Step By Step

How To sign Up with google analytics

Step 1: Signup for Google analytics

You need to create a google analytics account before adding that to your blog. If you have a Gmail account then you can directly sign in but if you don’t have any account with Google you can follow the above link to signup.


Signin google analytics




When you sign-in with your Gmail account, you will see a screen like this below. From here you have to sign-up the account of Google Analytics. After this you have to click on start measuring

2nd step google analytics


  • After this you have to write the name of the business.
  • All checkboxes have to be clicked in Account Data Sharing.
  • After that you have to setup the property.

account setup ga

Property setup


Step 4: 

  • After that click admin
  • then click Tracking info

Step 5: Copy Google analytics code

After successful creation of account. Google Analytics will present you a screen shown in the below screenshot.

Google analytics Tracking code

Copy the Google tracking code highlighted in above screenshot.

3. Install Google analytics Plugin

we are now done with the configuration section so we now log in to our blog dashboard and install the Google Analytics plugin from the Plugins section. I assume that you already know how to install plugins in WordPress if you don’t know you can follow my how to install the plugin in WordPress tutorial.

5. Add Analytics code to the Plugin settings page

You need to know to add your google analytics code create in step 3 to plugin settings page as shown in the below screenshot.



Click on Save changes to save everything.

Congratulations! Now you can track easily your visitors information under your Google Analytics account. I hope that now you know how to install Analytics in WordPress.

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Tumblr Data Import in WordPress

How to Import data in wp? Importing Data in WordPress blog is sometimes require when you have some other blog such as Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and you want to import your post and pages from there to your new or old WordPress Blog. It is not feasible to write everything from the beginning because time is precious.

WordPress Provides a simple import functionality which can be used to import data in WordPress from various blog resources. In this tutorial you will learn import data in WordPress.

How to Import Data from WordPress to WordPress

  • If you are running import data the first time then WordPress will ask you to install the WordPress Importer plugin
  • Export your existing WordPress Blog and download the XML file
  • Click Upload file and Import




Select the user name for which these new posts will be added.

Import Tumblr Data in WordPress

if you want to import Tumblr Data in WordPress then you need to create the app by visiting url which will show you below screen fill the required details such as Application website and Call back with your website name



Write your OAuth Consumer Key and secret key


Enter your Outh key and secret key on below screen after clicking Tools->Import



Click on Authorize the application button which will authorize your blog with Tumblr



You need to authorize your app and click finish to start the import



Importing Data From Blogger to WordPress

  • If you want to import data from blogger to Wp then you need to first install blogger installer plugin from Using this blogger importer plugin you can import categories, posts, draft posts, comments, and pages.
  • After installing the blogger installer plugin you need to authorize you blog with Google services as shown below



It will show you all your blogs with import links as shown in below screenshot which will allow you to import your blogger post, comment, etc.



All Blogger Data will be imported to your WordPress blog successfully.


That is all about Import Data in WordPress. I hope that you now understand how you can benefit from importing data in WordPress functionality if you are planning to increase the number of posts in your WordPress Blog without writing new one. You can read detail import options from WordPress Documentation Importing Content.

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Top 5 social bookmarking plugins for wordpress

Social bookmarking is going to change the world at the current point of time. So if you want to make your blog connect to other people’s interests then you should put social bookmarking to your blog. There is a various plugin available for you on the WordPress plugin repository. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 social bookmarking plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 social bookmarking plugins for wordpress

  1. Sociable Plugin
  2. Sharethis Plugin
  3. SexyBookmarks Plugin
  4. I Love Social Bookmarking Plugin
  5. Digg Digg Plugin

1. Sociable Plugin for WordPress:

The sociable plugin is my first choice in all social bookmarking plugins. This plugin has the latest version which is compatible with WordPress 5.9 This plugin allows adding your website to 100 and more websites. Some nice feature includes. WordPress 5.9 New Update

  • Add your own services
  • Icons are automatically added to posts, pages or RSS feeds
  • Template tag and shortcode are provided for precise control

2. Sharethis Plugin for WordPress:

Sharethis has WordPress plugin by which you can directly add the blog to your many websites using this easy-to-install plugin. It’s a really small, simple, efficient plugin which doesn’t use JavaScript or flash. If you Want WordPress Related help then connect our team


3. SexyBookmarks Plugin for WordPress:

Sexybookmark plugin name looks very anxious to some people but this plugin proves it very useful for many people with time. This plugin has some latest updates like Google buzz integration.

4. I Love Social Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress:

I love the social bookmarking plugin for WordPress is easy to use and easy to install the plugin by which you can easily add your blog post to various social bookmarking sites. It is better than others because it runs in minimal system resources, and to looks good whilst she’s at it.

5. Digg Digg Plugin for WordPress:

Digg digg is another easy interface plugin for WordPress plugin where social bookmarking button resides on blog or website as left float, right float and button position can also be fixed by display in Home page, display in Static page, and display in Post Page.


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Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress

Top Paypal plugins for WordPress | PayPal is the pioneer in the payment market. It is the highly secure online payment system. It has now over 220 million accounts across the world. Sale and purchase are revolutionized only because of PayPal. There are thousands of online shopping websites like eBay and TradeMe which are running just because of PayPal.

In the same row, there are so many plugins available to WordPress users which can be integrated into their blog without any problem. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress

  • Donate Plugin
  • JW PayPal Shortcodes plugin
  • Are PayPal Plugin
  • Download per PayPal plugin
  • Multi-Currency PayPal Donations Plugin


1. Donate Plugin :

Donate is the first plugin which comes into my mind when I think about the WordPress plugin for PayPal. This plugin gives the ability to get paid bonuses from your users in a very simple way. Just activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel and insert donate widget in your blog sidebar. It has a very easy interface for options. So if you want to get bonuses or donations from your visitors this plugin is best.

2. JW PayPal Shortcodes plugin

JW PayPal is another PayPal plugin for WordPress users. This plugin provides the ability to add PayPal Website Payments Standard into your blog using shortcodes. If you want to sell the single item through your blog then this plugin can help you to do that. You can easily add Add to Cart option to your blog.

3. Are PayPal Plugin

Are PayPal is used to monetize your WordPress blog by defining various content as hidden if users are not registered for that particular part. This plugin has the following cool features:

  1. Post/Page can be set to contain hidden content.
  2. The administrator can grant users to access paid content
  3. Price for all blogs. The administrator can set prices for all payed posts so what user who pays can view all the hidden content
  4. The plugin uses PayPal IPN – Instant Payment Notification protocol so the payment/content delivery process is fully automated.
4. Download per PayPal plugin

Download per PayPal is another best plugin from the WordPress repository. It is a small e-commerce application which runs under the WordPress blog. You can download a file via the link, got per Mail after you have paid for at PayPal. Currently, it supports only English and German but Other languages may follow soon.

5. Multi-Currency PayPal Donations Plugin

Multi currency PayPal donation plugin is another way to get donations from your blog users in different currency formats. If you have an account which accepts donation in various currency formats then this plugin is very useful to you.


That’s all for today I think now you have Top 5 Paypal plugins for WordPress. We will be back with more Top 5 WordPress plugins tomorrow.

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Top 5 Facebook plugins for wordpress

Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress Free 2022 | Facebook is a social networking site that has around 955 million users. So if you want to make your blog connect to Facebook there are various plugins available for you on the WordPress plugin repository.

So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:

Top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress 2022

  • Facebook Like Button Plugin
  • Facebook Comment Control
  • Facebook Photo Fetcher Plugin
  • Post To Facebook Plugin
  • All in one FaceBook Plugins


1. FaceBook Like Button Plugin for WordPress:

This is the best plugin to get your post or page listed on Facebook. With a simple look and feel it is the best Facebook plugin. Users who are coming to your website can easily like your post and submit it as a link in their profile.
it also shows no. of users who are liking your post. You can see the demo just below the title of this post.

2. Facebook Comment Control:

Facebook comment control is used to replace the default comment block of your blog. It is a better way to show Facebook as commenting option on your blog. You can show recent five comments in your sidebar using this plugin.
Facebook icon

  • Other features include:
  • List all comments on your blog on your dashboard
  • Delete comments
  • See where the comments were posted
  • See who posted the comments
  • Display the overview for specific roles only
  • Write a message to the commentator
  • Add a sidebar widget with the last 5 comments

3. Facebook Photo Fetcher Plugin:

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily generate WordPress photo galleries from any Facebook album you can access. This plugin has some cool features like auto-lightbox functionality. Search functionality on the basis of the album and many more. So if you want to add album galleries in your blog this plugin will make your blog nice and beautiful.

4. Post To Facebook Plugin :

This plugin provides the ability to quickly post a blog item to your Facebook mini-feed. This is done by adding a button to the add/edit forms for posts and pages.

5. All in one FaceBook Plugins for WordPress :

All in one is complete suit for all above plugins including like button, Recommendations, Activity Feed, Like Box, Facepile, Live Stream, Comments and log in with Facebook.

Install these safety WordPress plugins and enjoy your website/ blog carefree.

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Top 5 Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Free Twitter Plugins for WordPress 2022 | Twitter is a social networking site where people share what they have in their minds. Messages are shared in the form of tweets with a 140 character limit. Users’ tweets are visible to the users who are following that particular person but at the same time, every tweet is visible to all users on Twitter. Currently, Twitter has more than 100 million users worldwide.

Top 5 Twitter Plugins for WordPress 2022

  • WordPress to Twitter
  • Strictly Tweetbot
  • WP Tweet Button
  • PB-Tweet
  • Tweet Old Post

So Twitter can be used as social bookmarking for blogs. So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Twitter plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:


WordPress to Twitter

This is the best plugin that gives the ability to post your post and other status updates to Twitter. As an option defined in the below picture you can easily make tweets to your account manually or automatically.

Top 5 Twitter plugins in wordpress

Strictly Tweetbot

Strictky Tweetbot has some features which include:

  1. Post to multiple accounts OR post multiple messages to the same account
  2. Easy to authenticate using the new OAuth method. No need to register your plugin as a consumer application
  3. Use your categories or post tags as the source for your hashtags
  4. Dashboard report keeps you informed of status updates or failures

WP Tweet Button

This plugin easily and fully implements Twitter’s official Tweet Button on your WordPress blog or site.


This plugin allows you to easily display your latest twe message in an easily customizable banner at the top of your website.

Tweet Old Post

This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by tweeting about them and driving more traffic to them from Twitter. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set the time and no of tweets to post to drive more traffic.


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Top 5 Comment plugins for wordPress

Top and Best 5 Comment Free plugins for WordPress 2022 | Comments are an essential part of any blog. It provides an option to communicate with your blog visitors in an easy manner, that is why it should be more interactive and hassle-free.

WordPress itself provides a comment system but that is not social media enabled. I am providing here some best WordPress plugins from the WordPress repository which you can use in your blog.

Top 5 Comment plugins for wordPress

  1. Disqus
  2. Subscribe to comment
  3. Facebook comment system for WordPress
  4. OpenID
  5. Akismet


So for your connivance, I am picking the Top 5 Comment plugins for WordPress from the WordPress repository. Here they are:


Disqus pronounced as “Discuss” is the best plugin available for WordPress or any other website which uses the commenting system for user communication.

Disqus uses its own API which prevents your blog from being the spammer. this is also to integrate your WordPress blog commenting system with the Disqus user interface. You can easily manage comments from the WordPress dashboard.

Disqus plugin for wordpress

Subscribe to comment

Subscribe to comment is another great plugin for WordPress blogger which is simply add a checkbox to the comment system of WordPress. Users can be notified whenever a comment is added to a post.

Facebook comment system for WordPress

Facebook provides one centralized plugin for all Facebook features. The Facebook commenting system is one of them.

when you add Facebook to your blog it override your comment system and allows user to comment using their Facebook account which is also visible on their wall. It is the best way to socialize your page.



OpenID is another standard which authenticates the user without registering on your website. This also provides an option to authenticate the user before making comment on your blog. you can always track that user. This enables the user to login into your blog using their own account.

Top 5 Comment plugins for wordpress


Comment spamming is a worldwide issue after the introduction of blogging platforms like WordPress. People do comment on the do-follow blog to get a backlink which increases their page ranking in the google page ranking system.

Akismet plugin for wordpress

This is where Akismet helps you to avoid such spammer. it checks the database for any malicious comment and marks it as spam if it contains any malicious link and you avoid being bombarded by emails.

Akismet is shipped with WordPress installation so you need to just activate this plugin and add your Akismet key on the configuration page.

In conclusion, what plugin is best for you depends on your use but I think that these are the Top 5 comment plugins for WordPress. If you think that you have any other WordPress plugin which should come into this list then you can leave that name below.


Top 5 WordPress security plugins

Top & Best 5 WordPress security plugin | Security being the need of the time, it is essential to protect your blogs and websites which you can easily do by installing security plugins.

A security plugin should be one that provides security against its own misuse, login protection and features to lock your WordPress site from visitors. But, with so many plugins available, it can get very confusing for the visitors to select which plugin to use. To help you out with this difficulty, below is a list of few best plugins for WordPress security-


wp login security

WP Login Security 2- This is a personal favorite of all the users. If an unknown visitor tries to access your website or blog, then this plugin will send a verification email to the registered email id. Only if the user validates the IP address by clicking on the link sent to the website, will he be allowed to login. This feature makes it the most effective plugin.



login security solutions

Login Security Solutions– Mother of all the plugins, it enforces password strength, giving options like password aging and password resets for all the users. Idle sessions will be logged out automatically. Another best feature of this plugin is that instead of blocking the IP address it will gradually slow down the response times.


wordpress firewall plugin

WordPress Firewall 2– It inspects all incoming traffic to spot if anybody sends you nasty requests or tries to insert data into your database.

WordPress security plugins

Semisecure Login reimagined– When you access your WordPress administration Panel, you would desire to send your login information over SSL. However, obtaining SSL certificate involves a cost and if you are on a shared server you will also need a dedicated IP address. It will thus automatically encrypt your login details making it difficult to pilfer your credentials.

Install these safety WordPress plugins and enjoy your website/ blog carefree.

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How to solve the “You are not authorized to view this page” (403 forbidden Error Fix) Problem

403 forbidden Error Fix Symptoms:

You cannot seem to login after using the right username and password, into your admin account.


This problem occur because you have modified some values in different table into the database.

How To Fix 403 forbidden Error Solution:

First Rename these field with table prefix name in different tables. for example if you had table prefix name with wp_ and you have renamed the table prefix to blog_ then please also change these option into database.

  1. Table name (wp_options/blog_options )
  2. option_name
  3. wp_user_roles/blog_user_roles (find it on id=98)
  4. Table name(wp_usermeta/blog_usermeta)
  5. column name(meta_key)
  6. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  7. wp_user_level/blog_user_level
  8. wp_usersettings/blog_usersettings
  9. wp_usersettingstime/blog_usersettingstime
  10. wp_autosave_draft_ids/blog_autosave_draft_ids
  11. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  12. wp_capabilities/blog_capabilities
  13. wp_metaboxorder_post/blog_metaboxorder_post

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